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»Appreciating Literary Stories: Expectation Schemata and the Artwork as Performance«

Lars-Åke Skalin

Artiklen er på 25 sider og findes
i Expectations.

In »Appreciating Literary Stories: Expectation Schemata and the Art- work as Performance« Lars-Åke Skalin investigates the question of what kind of expectations readers deal with when they make sense of literary narratives. Skalin explains how cognitive narratology has answered this question by means of world theory. Cognitive narratology has suggested that readers interpret fictional worlds ‘as-if-real’ and this understanding of the readers’ interpretive act has shaped discussions of reader expectations. Skalin proposes that we think about all works of art (including fictional narratives) as acts of performance that offer an aesthetic experience, rather than as objects which afford experiences. Skalin explains how this change of focus has implications for

how we understand the cognitive schemata tied to readers’ expectations. If readers understand a literary work as an act of performance, they expect to meet expressed aesthetic intention in the artistic design, and these expectations are fundamentally different from the kind of expectations readers have in relation to situations in real life. Skalin claims that readers do not approach the artwork as a source of information about a world they have to make sense of as if it were real. On the contrary, readers experience the artwork as a composition in its own right, which demands another kind of attention namely that the reader treat it as performance rather than as an object.