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»Will and Counter-will: Psychology, Religion, Literature, and Sports«

Henrik Skov Nielsen

Artiklen er på 17 sider og findes
i Expectations.

In the article Skov Nielsen examines what happens when communication is not intentional, but works directly counter to intentions? What happens when someone tells or does something exactly because he does not want to? What decoding practices can we bring to which kind of genres and situations? The article analyses some instances of the workings of this ‘counter-will’. Three texts from

different periods and different genres are compared with a view to examining what happens when one starts to tell that one will not tell. The texts are Freud’s early, pre-psychoanalytical texts, »Ein Fall von hypnotischer Heilung«, St. Paul’s treatment of glossolalia in his first letter to the Corinthians, and Poe’s tale »The Tell-Tale Heart«.