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»The Dynamics of Unreliable Narration: Implicit and Omitted Authors, Double Narratees and Constructive Readers in First Person Unreliable Narration«

Per Krogh Hansen

Artiklen er på 24 sider og findes
i Expectations.

Per Krogh Hansen brings attention to one of the most discussed narratological concepts in recent years, the ‘unreliable narrator’. In the article »The Dynamics of Unreliable Narration«, Hansen is considering to what extent the question of authorial control or intention is relevant when analysing and interpreting unreliable narrators. In the first part of the article, he questions this claimed essentiality of an authorial agent from three different angles: One concerning the border between diegetic and extradiegetic issues. Another

with specific focus on unreliable simultaneous narration (first person, present tense). And a third with attention paid to the role of unreliable narrators in factual narratives. In the article, he proposes a model for describing the different dynamic roles the authorial agent, as well as the empirical reader, plays in different forms of unreliable narration. Here, terms like ‘implicit author’, ‘omitted author’, ‘double narratees’ and ‘constructive readers’ are introduced and illustrated by examples of Dennis Cooper and Edgar Allan Poe.