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»How Alice Munro Ends »Passion«: Closure, but Not as We Expected it«

Michael Toolan

Artiklen er på 16 sider og findes
i Expectations.

In »How Alice Munro ends »Passion«: closure, but not as we expected it« Michael Toolan explores the consequences of Susan Lohafer’s claim that the reader’s expectations of how a given story will end is conditioned by genre expectations. Toolan has replicated a study done by Lohafer on how readers’ sequence the ending of Alice Munro’s short story »Passion«. Like Lohafer’s study, Toolan’s study demonstrates that almost none of the readers were able to predict and match Munro’s ending. Whereas Lohafer explained the alternative sequencing as resulting from

genre expectations, Toolan also focuses on stylistics when he explains how cohesive binding ties certain sentences together. Recurrent mentioning of the time frame, of the protagonist and of the cheque she receives guides readers into sequencing in a certain way. Toolan also argues that the student readers’ preferred ending makes for a more reassuring and familiar story than Munro’s more disturbing ending, and that the reassuring ending appeals to young people with simpler story expectations.